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Thanks for being curious enough to click on the about me section to learn a little about me!  My name, if you haven’t already guessed it, is Julie and I love butterflies!  In fact, butterflies hold a powerful place in my heart and my soul; they were the very creation the Divine used to touch my life.  To me they represent more than just rebirth and transformation; they are the wings on which my soul soars on. And Butterfly Julz is my place to simply share my thoughts, my writing and my journey as I embrace a new phase in my life.

So now we know why I started the blog, who am I?

I am a wife, a mom, a sister, a friend, and a daughter.  I am 40 years young and ready to bloom.  I am stepping out of my comfort zone and taking my life in the direction that has always called to me but I was too afraid to follow for fear of rejection.  I am ready to embrace my sacred feminine and love myself completely.  I started this journey the day I was conceived, my first breath was the first on my journey, my first steps the first on my path, but… I let society dictate to me, I let family and friends form me, and inside my soul was suffocating.  It is my hope that other women will and can find the strength that is within her to hear the voice of our Sacred Mother whispering to her to love herself and to dance outside the flower-pot!

Wow that is a provocative thought!  To step outside the confines we allow to define who we are… It’s scary and thrilling all at once!  I don’t know where this path is heading and I don’t know what 2012 will bring I simply know I need to “risk it” and be who I was created to be.

I hope you stop by from to time to time and visit with me here.   Or like my page over on Facebook and start a new friendship!

My Writing:

My very first stories were published in Twisted Dreams Magazine in my series Claudia’s Grave Tales: Hope, Forgiveness, Tribute and Alone.  My fiendish tale, Open Till Midnight can be read in Dark Moon Books Presents: Ghosts!  My favorite tale, a small flash fiction piece, A Mid-Summer Evepublished in Short Sips: Coffee House Flash Fiction Collection II , April, 2012.  I recently finished my first children’s book Have You Seen Harry that I hope to have ready for the market by 2013.  Currently I am working on my first full length novel a tale weaved with elements of magic, irony, and non-standard romances and relationships.

The Poetess…

For me poetry is a way to release emotion and creativity.  I just began a new poetry project with photographer Arlene Davis and I am looking forward to putting together a book of poems and photographs for the Season’s of Life.

My home is in beautiful California’s north central valley with my husband, my fantastic children, Mayhem the cat, and my two pups Quimber and Penny.

If you are interested in any of my writings please feel free to contact me at:

All written work is owned by Julie A. Eastin unless otherwise noted.  Art work is owned by the artist and credit is given when possible.

7 thoughts on “The Scoop on Julie”

  1. Love the blog and we share alot of commonalities…I am also 40 years young as of January 10th of this year. Are we close?

    • Thanks… My blog is my own form of self help therapy LOL But I am making a whole lot of new online friends on my journey here and loving it. I hit the 40 year mile mark last October, and so far so good;) I reside in a lovely little town nestled between Sacramento and Stockton California…

  2. I can understand and refer to my blog as therapeutic. 🙂 I reside in Alabama and have for the last ten years. I love it. My town is more like a mini DC and really doesn’t belong in Alabama, but oh well. We all have to live somewhere. Very nice to “meet” you!

  3. I have a good friend who visits Alabama every year, she loves it out there. I love the south, we lived briefly in Florida (St. Augustine) and loved it, we even talk of going back one day. Yes, it is great to meet you too! =)

  4. Hi Julie! Thank you for your beautiful heart and words that you share here. You truly are lovely! I have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award. Congratulations! Blessings always, Erin

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