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By: Julie A. Eastin


Mirror image counterfeit reality

Glass house translucent life

Crystalline words fall

Slow motion

They linger just above the ground

Fast forward

Lucid moment when they fracture


Step through the looking glass

Carbon copy of my life

Obscure words rise

Fast forward

They float high in indigo twilight

Slow motion

Vague moment when they mend


Emulate, imitate, parody, travesty

Reflections of another life

Incisive words spoken

Slow motion

They cut through me I bleed

Fast forward

Broken moment when I am shattered



Is the Switch Off?


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Is the Switch Off?

By: Julie A. Eastin

Remember when we first met

All the endless nights we spent

 It seemed as though we would never grow old

Time somehow stopped

We never did

It was a time we took things to the edge

Rules and laws were meant to be bent

We lived in the night

Seeking things we never would own

What was it we sought

Have we some how forgot


Or is it


I try to remember

Who I was the

Is she me?  

Am I her?

Where do I turn?

Has it all come to an end?

Were my friends really friends?

They are all gone now

But feed on my mind

Live in my thoughts

Is this a dream


My reality?

The same song singing on and on

Is there a switch?


Is the switch off?

Nettle, Nettle Everywhere


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 Most of us are acquainted with Stinging Nettle. She is a feisty green beauty who will let you know she is there with her burning itchy prick.  But what many may not be aware of is Nettle is very nutritious and can take the place of overpriced vitamin pills that are really not doing much good for you.  And it’s a yummy treat that can be used in many ways.  I am not going to go into all the ways to cook or prep Nettle but I will share my favorite way to enjoy the green beauty.

Now don’t worry you don’t need to be an expert in herbs and wild crafting, if you can brew tea you can make Nettle infusion!  I learned the method I am going to share from Susun Weed’s teachings, in fact if watching a video is easier for you hang tight I’ll post a link at the end!

You will need a pot big enough to heat 1 quart of water, 1 oz. (about 1 cup) of dried Nettle, a strainer or French press, and a mason jar or a container for you finished infusion.

Next heat the water, see just like making tea, once the water comes to a soft boil add your Nettle and remove from heat.  Now here’s the important part, the Nettle must steep for 4 hours minimum, the longer the stronger the infusion.  I make my Nettle infusion right before bedtime, and leave it to steep all night.  Or you could make it first thing in the morning and enjoy it that evening, which ever works for you!

Now that our green goodness has steeped all night we place our strainer over our jar or bowl and pour, make sure to enjoy it sweet smell.  Place a lid on the jar and store in the fridge.  It should keep for 3 days.  Now wait don’t throw out the leftover Nettle, this makes GREAT mulch for your house plants or garden plants, or it can be added to a compost pile too.  I feed my plants with it and they love it!

Okay so now you have your lovely Nettle infusion how do you drink it?  Well you can have it warmed or iced; I like a wee bit of honey with it.  You can use it as part of a soup stock, great lunchtime pick me up, just added veggies, broth, noodles and enjoy!  But my most favorite way to enjoy Nettle infusion is in my breakfast smoothie.  It gives me the boost I need to start my day off, so I am going to share my recipe… Yummy!

Nettle Banana Berry Smoothie (sounds good huh!)


1 ripe banana (if I want it more like a sorbet I add a frozen banana)

1 cups frozen organic berries (or ones you froze fresh)

¼ cup Greek yogurt

1 cup Nettle infusion. (give or take)

And if you want to sweeten it a bit a wee bit of honey will do the trick.

Combined all ingredients in the blender and blend!  Wowzers a great and oh so healthy smoothie to start you day with!

Nettle has so many health benefits and I will share just a few. One cup of Nettle infusion has about 500mg of calcium, which is so important for women’s health.  But it is packed full of all kinds of other healthy yumminess too.  Here’s what Nettle is packed full of :

Calcium, Chromium, Cobalt, Magnesium, Manganese, Phosphorus, Potassium, Protein, Riboflavin, Selenium, Thiamine, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Zinc!  Whew…

Nettle is gentle enough to use daily and a wonderfully powerful herb.  It helps increase energy, who doesn’t need that, and chi.  If used for a long period it is good for your blood, kidneys, lungs, intestine, hair, and skin!

But don’t take my word on how great Nettle is try it for yourself!  And if you would like to learn more about the Nettle there are many places on the web with great information.

I hope you enjoyed my herbal musing and give Nettle a try!

Green Blessings!

Ps If you don’t get to drink all your Nettle infusion within 3 days don’t pour it down the drain, use it as a hair rinse or give it to your plants for a yummy treat!

More on Nettle

 Herb Mentor -full of wonderful information, lesson and more 

The Susun Weed Video

The Glory of Nettles 

Mountain Rose Herbs (Where I buy my Nettle) 

Think, Think, Think…


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Hello Beautiful Souls!

Here we are halfway through the work week… Yay!  I love Wednesday’s it’s my put the week back in perspective day.  A time to look at what I accomplished and what things may not be as important as I thought.  It is also a time to look forward to the weekend and how to spend those days with the ones I love.  What is Wednesday for you?  I hope it is a refueling day for you as well.

So yesterday I mentioned some changes here on the blog.  Eww… just the word change can make some of us want to run and hide.  But change is good, it helps us to stretch out of our comfort zone and grow.   I love to grow and learn but I need a good plan to keep me focused so I needed to change and come up with a better plan!

Here are some of my ideas, I will only be blogging Monday’s through Friday, my family time is on the weekends and it is not fair to them or the blog if my attention is split, all things we love and nurture needed our full attention to grow and flourish properly.

Next, some of you may know I am learning about herbalism, I love nature and all things green, so one day I think I will share my green musings.  Things like facts I learned (did you know the mint family has square stems?) or yummy recipes, tinctures and infusions I am trying.

Maybe a day with a photo writing prompt, could be fun?  And of course poetry, that may happen throughout the week as one can never tell when inspiration will strike 😉

One day will be going back to my facing my 40 fears… I have been very, very bad at sticking to it, so I am determined to see it through.  I am also toying with the idea of writing stuff for the Not So New Mommy; there are so many wonderful blogs for new moms or moms with wee ones, but not as many for moms with mixed ages of older kids. I have 3 beautiful children, one in elementary, one in middle school and one going into high school… Wow this coming school year will be a brand new challenge for our household.  What do you think about the Not So New Mommy blog topic?

I’m not sure what else I may come up with, this is all in the planning stages, and with 4 other writing projects going on my time seems to go so fast.

I’d love to hear ideas from all you beautiful souls that come and visit me.  I was also thinking it might be fun to start a guest blogger circle.  Where once a month we come together with a topic and write for one another’s blog…  If you might be interested let me know and let’s see what we can come with =)

Oh there are just so many ideas swimming around in my head!  Like I said when I started this blog, I was not sure why or where it would go but I believe that good things are dawning and I am so excited!  I hope all of you will trust in your heart and dreams and see where they lead! 

Happy Wednesday & Many Butterfly Blessing!


Busy… Busy Me


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Hello WP World,

Boy it seems like when I get a plan for blogging and writing life throws a curve ball… This is not always a bad thing but sure can keep things hopping over here at my place.    So what crazy things have been going on? Well, first my oldest graduated from middle school and is now officially a high school student.

Yay off to high school!

That’s my Jake and me his proud mom!

After all the end of school things for my three kids we were settling in for our summer break when the air conditioner broke… So home repairs had to be done.  With all the around the house things done I received the final copy of my children’s book Have You Seen Harry, back from the talented illustrator Brittany Constantino!

Book Cover!!!

How exciting!!! So now I am in the process of getting the book ready to hit the market.  A little nervous but it’s a good nervous!  I have also started my fist full length book!  I am pleased with how easily the story is flowing…it is a story dear to my heart.

I have two new projects in the works too… One is a photography and poetry book and the other a very special project on some pretty amazing heroes throughout history.  I can’t say much more than that but it is going to be a great project to be involved with!  My little blog will be going through some changes over the next few weeks. So I hope you’ll come back and visit me through it all.  I will be sneaking in a poem or two whenever I get the chance, but I need a wee bit of structure to help me stay focused so I will (I hope) be creating a special place with daily topics and musings!

I thought with summer my days would slow down and I could enjoy some lazy afternoons full of poetry, music and some me time… Oh well I wouldn’t trade these moments for anything, in fact, I cherish each and every whirlwind day.  I hope that you are cherishing the moments of your life as well…

Until next,

Butterfly Blessings!

Maybe Tomorrow


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Maybe Tomorrow

By: Julie A. Eastin

Who are you?

Are you real?

I think you are

I think I remember who you are

You are me

A ghost from of my past.


Listen do you hear the sound?

It is the sound of water




Drops fall

Pound their way into my brain

Loose my sanity

The cat she cleans herself

Licking her fur

The way we try to clean the filth from our thoughts

Can we and

If  we can then


A dog barks in the night

A reminder of ordinary life

Why must it be plain

Can we not change?  

I think not…

Maybe tomorrow

My Muse


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My Muse

By: Julie A. Eastin


Twirling midnight zephyr

Barefoot under full moon

My muse she resides within


Sweet voice of inspiration

Whispers to my soul…envisioning

Her laughter my song


A fool’s paradise

Night’s tide illusion

Words flow like a fountain


Her concept brilliance

Spoken starburst on white paper

Magic wisdom in dreams awake


Honor her, sweet apple at crossroads

Affirm the benefits of her spark

At month’s spire, delight in her


Woman and child

Both are she

Timeless she is ageless


Woven into destiny

Silver-tongue lullabies

Touch those who hear her song


Her gift she shares

Lyric poetry, constellation posy

A celestial symphony


My freedom her words

Immortality with stanza and verse

A marriage of heart and word…

My muse







My Life


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My Life

By: Julie A. Eastin


Subtle changes of color

Green to gold and then red

My life, a river, a journey

My future unknown with every bend


Some days lazy

Drifting under early autumn skies

Reflections on waters tide

Fading memories of summer’s warmth


Below the surface movement

Tempering seasons shift

River current quickens

Life flows, time goes too fast


Spring to summer, fall to winter

Water rises, life’s awareness

Fluid never stopping, infinite

Tidal motion ebb and flow


Winter snow, spring rain

Summer storms, autumns frost

The river flows ever changing

My life…

The Unknown Soldier


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The Unknown Soldier

Even though I do not know your name, I know your deeds, you were called you to serve your country. Every night when I lay my head on my pillow I give thanks for you.  I pray for your safety and comfort for those you love .  Your courage and honor soar high above like the Eagle.  The blood that has been spilled has not been in vain, but has been remembered with tears of our Nation.  At night as you look upon the stars know those back home sleep safe in their homes because of your sacrifice. For the Soldier who never returned home, I will honor your memory, I will never forget the freedoms I have today was paid for with the blood of those who bravely gave their life. You do not know me, nor I you, but I can  never say thank you enough far all… the Unknown Soldiers.

Playground of My Mind


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Playground of My Mind

By: J.A. Eastin


Where angels fear to tread

The playground of my mind

Raiment of bitter lies nothing but deceit

You break my heart only to return

Whisper to me in the dark

A lovers promise sensual and sweet

I hold out my hand

In it my heart lay bleeding

An offering for you to take

The scars of our past tattoo its pale pink flesh.

Your tongue licks my wounds

Drink in my soul, ecstasy unknown

Complete me in the midnight hour

Fill me with your rapture

Darkness takes me

Where angels fear to tread…

The playground of my mind