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Hello Blog World!

I have missed being here sharing my thoughts and musings… Life has been quite the roller coaster for me lately.  If you have been journeying with me you will know that I was off for a cat scan about a week age, well it lead to more tests… UGH!  This coming week I will be off for an ultrasound and MRI… I will be happy when I have answers and not more tests!  But like a little tree I will bend and not let this storm break me!

My past week has been a whirlwind; my two beautiful nieces have come to stay with us for the next few weeks.  The energy in the house is full of young teen chaos, lol, can you imagine having a 10, 11, 13, 14, and a 15 year old rocking the house!   It has been such fun and tiring all at the same time… If only I could bottle their energy and creativeness, Wowzers how cool would that be?!

Today we took them out for some wonderful Mexican food at Taqueria El Grullense 2, one of our favorite little restaurants in town.  If you are ever in Lodi CA and want friendly service and the best Mexican food make sure to check them out… It’s the best authentic Mexican food in town!  After the troop was well fed it was time to go and do something fun with the kiddos so off to Micke Grove Park for an afternoon of sun and fun.

The park was bustling with families enjoying the beautiful summer afternoon and antique car show that was going on.  We asked the kiddos if they wanted to go to the car show or the zoo…

Can you guess what they picked?

Yup the zoo!  So off we went to see all the wonderful creatures at the little zoo.

The zoo is a little treasure tucked away at Micke Grove Park.  The cost for children 3- 18 is $2.00 and adults only $4 so it is a wonderful affordable place for a family on a budget to go and have a great adventure.  We took our time looking at all the animal exhibits and had a blast feeding the Lorikeets!  After we had wandered through the entire zoo we decided to stop at the gift shop before heading off to get ice cream and cold drinks with the kids.

This is where our wonderful day ran into a snag, and gave me concern for children who may visit the gift shop.  My husband and I were present the entire time we were in the gift shop and were surprised when Linda (a gift shop employee) ripped a stuffed animal out of the hands of our 11 year old and yelled in her face to not  do that… We were confused as to what that was; all she was doing was unhooking the Velcro tabs that connect the hands so you can hang the toy around your neck.  It was one of those puppet Lemur things, very cute and cuddly and hanging where children can play with them and NO sign posted not to touch. My experience gets worse!  I was upset when this happened and while I was explaining to my husband the woman approached me and lied to my face saying she never touched her… Okay in all fairness her hands grabbed the toy and ripped it off the child’s neck.

Oh man Mama Bear came out, how dare this woman, who choose to come work in an environment with children, act this way and then lie.   Then to make it worse I was told by my 13 year old that she had done the same thing to him while I was down the aisle a bit with the younger two.  I was upset and frustrated, as any mother would be when their child had been wronged, even violated, by some woman who went out of her way to treat customers and their children poorly.

After the whole thing she had upset me to the point we decided to take our money elsewhere here in the wonderful city of Lodi.  I tried to call the offices but they are closed until Monday, at which time I will be calling and filing a complaint.  It saddens me that her actions were so bad and her people skills horrible, to say the least.  What was even more shocking was while we were leaving past the ticket booth, the employees inside asked, “What one did it this time?”  I guess this type of treatment must be common place there at the gift shop, so parents beware.

Well here we are at home relaxing for a bit then we will be off to grab ice cream at Foster’s one of our favorite local ice cream places!  I love old school soft serve and it is one of the few places that still have it!  Even chocolate dipped if you are in need of a little extra love…

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend and as always, Butterfly Blessings to you all!