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Hello Beautiful Blog World!

I have not been here as much as I would have liked this week.  Thank you for coming and visiting and taking a peek at the few posts I managed this.  I apologize I think I posted the un-edited version of Forgiveness; I have been having a somewhat trying week.

If you have been journeying with me for a while you may have seen me mention I was dealing with health issues. I have never said what the health issues are because; well… we are still trying to find out.  I have always been a healthy person and I try not to complain, but today I need to vent.  So about 8 months ago I started having pain in my right side, the entire flank area, I felt like my kidneys were very angry with me…


I ignored my own body telling me it was in need some healing.  I tend to think I have to be super mom and wife and put myself on the back burner, a lesson I have now come to learn is not good in a painful way.  It has caused more damage to my emotional and physical self then should have ever had to happen… So my advice is, if your body is telling you “Hey I need some healing!” LISTEN!  I promise in the long run you will be glad you did.

Okay, so I have gone through blood tests, colonoscopy (oh what an adventure that was), pee test, pooh tests, more tests and still nothing… I think maybe they think me crazy, or maybe not because today I am off to get pumped full of dye and have a cat scan on my kidneys… Gee the very thing I told my doc I felt needed love and care…Ugh!

So… on the upside I am hoping for kidney stone, lol, so we can move forward to feeling whole and healthy once again.

Oh how can I not mention this!  If you have not noticed I have a new page (link located on top of page) called Harry’s HangOut… This is a lovely little corner for my loveable Harry from my children’s book Have You Seen Harry?  I am in the process of copy-write and brainstorming the launch of this dear and precious book.  I wrote it for my daughter when we had to pack and move from all she knew and love.  It has been a long journey to see it come to life and I am so grateful for Brittany Constantino, the brilliant illustrator who helped bring it to life… Harry is a shining visual star thanks to her!

Welcome To Harry’s Hangout!

Well sweet souls it is time for me to get up and going so I can go have my cat scan… I hope you have an amazing Friday and a beautiful weekend full of blissful moments.  Next week I am going to try my hardest to be back to my blogging, poet, and day dreaming self!

As always may your life be filled with Butterfly Blessing…