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A Thousand Years

By: Julie A. Eastin~


I have loved you for a thousand years

A millennium dance souls entwined

Star burst in twilight’s celestial sphere

Two becoming one day to night

Moon to Stars heaven’s kiss

Sweet morning dew glisten covers skin

Lunar fragments night’s gift ecstasy forbidden

Timeless it stretches indigo horizons

Rapture’s harmony untouched by man

Sweet as lush fruits temptation and desire

Water touches sun a golden pool

The night’s pearl full a sacred ring

A lover’s promise whispered passionately

Gentle touch dawn mingled with sun’s first rays

Night’s tide flows shrouded in mist drifts away

Mysteries spoken in hushed voices

Longing to know our desire

I am your moon

You are my sun

I have loved you for a thousand years


I shall love you for a thousand more