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Every year on two occasions I write a poem for my best friend Frankie.  Her life was far too short, but she managed to forever change me.  In the online world she was known as madam_butrfli…Her beauty as timeless as a butterfly.  I hope you enjoy her birthday poem.  This one is dedicated to her children Frank, Katie, Shawn, and Gracie.  There is not a day that goes by that you are all not in my heart and mind.  I wish I had been stronger then so I could have been strong for you.

~ All my Love Frankie Rosella Schug ~ June 15, 1971 – August 23, 2003 ~

Remembering Madam Butterfly

By: Julie A. Eastin


Memories spin a cosmic symphony

Echo’s stir my heart beat slows

Your laughter afloat in sapphire blue skies

Rainbow kissed, sweet morning dew

Remembering Madam Butterfly


Stardust explosion vibrant moments

A summer breeze a gentle touch

Your smile dazzling twilight’s song

A falling star, radiant midnights jewel

Remembering Madam Butterfly


Heavenly chasm the universe fractures

Skies weep wash me new

Your wisdom resounding life’s lessons

Atoms penetrate, part of everything

Remembering Madam Butterfly


Ocean of emptiness a tempest swells

I drift in your infinite expanse

Your life entwined with mine

My songs soul, my best friend

Remembering Madam Butterfly


Written by Frankie July of 2003

Who Will Be There…

Who will be there to hold your hand?

To lift you from your knee’s?

To kiss the tears from dusted cheeks,

Who will be there?



Who will help you in your search

And listen to your pleas?

Who will never leave your side?

Who will be there?



Who will be there in the dark?

And in your time of need?

Who will be there when you’re lost?

Who will be there?



Who will be there in your heart?

To be there when you grieve?

Who will be there?



Who will be there till the end?

Not just in memories?

I will be here waiting,

I am still here.