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I want to take some time to mention two beautiful and creative women who have graced my life and my writing journey!  I hope you will take some time to visit their sites and enjoy their work!

Brittany Constantino ~ A Graphic Designer Who Goes Bananas (in a good way)

An apperance of the infamous banana. This snowboard demonstrates a new kind of Ride. Awarded a silver Addy award 2010

Brittany Constantino is a freelance graphic designer extraordinaire!  She is the brilliant illustrator of my children’s book, Have You Seen Harry?  Her personal touch, keen eye and love of whimsical things are just a few ingredients that make her work visually stunning.   She has a love for her work and passion to create wonderful things with her client.   She listens to you, your ideas and then weaves her magic to create a wonderful project!

I cannot recommend her enough and I look forward to working on another project with her sometime in the future.  So if you are looking for an artist who truly cares about those she creates for please check her out! From wedding invites, save the dates, logos, birth announcements, graduation announcements, illustrations, book design, and pretty much anything you can think of that needs to be designed, Brittany makes your project easy, fun and exactly what you want!

Feel free to email Brittany @ brittanylconstantino@gmail.com to see her current portfolio and recent projects!

Arlene Davis ~ Picture It Photography

Arlene Davis ~ Picture It Photography

This woman truly see’s the world and all its beauty.  Her photographic eye catches those breathing taking moments, the beauty of nature and the human spirit.  Her stunning landscape and nature photographs take the soul on a visually stunning journey.  When Arlene is snapping photos of the kids, special moments, weddings, you name it, she captures the people and the emotion of the moment… Truly an amazing photographer!

I look forward to working with her in an up-coming project, Life’s Seasons, a book of photography and poetry.  If you live in north central Michigan and need a fantastic photographer make sure to contact Arlene.  She also sells her landscape and nature photography so make sure to check out her work!