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 Most of us are acquainted with Stinging Nettle. She is a feisty green beauty who will let you know she is there with her burning itchy prick.  But what many may not be aware of is Nettle is very nutritious and can take the place of overpriced vitamin pills that are really not doing much good for you.  And it’s a yummy treat that can be used in many ways.  I am not going to go into all the ways to cook or prep Nettle but I will share my favorite way to enjoy the green beauty.

Now don’t worry you don’t need to be an expert in herbs and wild crafting, if you can brew tea you can make Nettle infusion!  I learned the method I am going to share from Susun Weed’s teachings, in fact if watching a video is easier for you hang tight I’ll post a link at the end!

You will need a pot big enough to heat 1 quart of water, 1 oz. (about 1 cup) of dried Nettle, a strainer or French press, and a mason jar or a container for you finished infusion.

Next heat the water, see just like making tea, once the water comes to a soft boil add your Nettle and remove from heat.  Now here’s the important part, the Nettle must steep for 4 hours minimum, the longer the stronger the infusion.  I make my Nettle infusion right before bedtime, and leave it to steep all night.  Or you could make it first thing in the morning and enjoy it that evening, which ever works for you!

Now that our green goodness has steeped all night we place our strainer over our jar or bowl and pour, make sure to enjoy it sweet smell.  Place a lid on the jar and store in the fridge.  It should keep for 3 days.  Now wait don’t throw out the leftover Nettle, this makes GREAT mulch for your house plants or garden plants, or it can be added to a compost pile too.  I feed my plants with it and they love it!

Okay so now you have your lovely Nettle infusion how do you drink it?  Well you can have it warmed or iced; I like a wee bit of honey with it.  You can use it as part of a soup stock, great lunchtime pick me up, just added veggies, broth, noodles and enjoy!  But my most favorite way to enjoy Nettle infusion is in my breakfast smoothie.  It gives me the boost I need to start my day off, so I am going to share my recipe… Yummy!

Nettle Banana Berry Smoothie (sounds good huh!)


1 ripe banana (if I want it more like a sorbet I add a frozen banana)

1 cups frozen organic berries (or ones you froze fresh)

¼ cup Greek yogurt

1 cup Nettle infusion. (give or take)

And if you want to sweeten it a bit a wee bit of honey will do the trick.

Combined all ingredients in the blender and blend!  Wowzers a great and oh so healthy smoothie to start you day with!

Nettle has so many health benefits and I will share just a few. One cup of Nettle infusion has about 500mg of calcium, which is so important for women’s health.  But it is packed full of all kinds of other healthy yumminess too.  Here’s what Nettle is packed full of :

Calcium, Chromium, Cobalt, Magnesium, Manganese, Phosphorus, Potassium, Protein, Riboflavin, Selenium, Thiamine, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Zinc!  Whew…

Nettle is gentle enough to use daily and a wonderfully powerful herb.  It helps increase energy, who doesn’t need that, and chi.  If used for a long period it is good for your blood, kidneys, lungs, intestine, hair, and skin!

But don’t take my word on how great Nettle is try it for yourself!  And if you would like to learn more about the Nettle there are many places on the web with great information.

I hope you enjoyed my herbal musing and give Nettle a try!

Green Blessings!

Ps If you don’t get to drink all your Nettle infusion within 3 days don’t pour it down the drain, use it as a hair rinse or give it to your plants for a yummy treat!

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