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Hello Beautiful Souls!

Here we are halfway through the work week… Yay!  I love Wednesday’s it’s my put the week back in perspective day.  A time to look at what I accomplished and what things may not be as important as I thought.  It is also a time to look forward to the weekend and how to spend those days with the ones I love.  What is Wednesday for you?  I hope it is a refueling day for you as well.

So yesterday I mentioned some changes here on the blog.  Eww… just the word change can make some of us want to run and hide.  But change is good, it helps us to stretch out of our comfort zone and grow.   I love to grow and learn but I need a good plan to keep me focused so I needed to change and come up with a better plan!

Here are some of my ideas, I will only be blogging Monday’s through Friday, my family time is on the weekends and it is not fair to them or the blog if my attention is split, all things we love and nurture needed our full attention to grow and flourish properly.

Next, some of you may know I am learning about herbalism, I love nature and all things green, so one day I think I will share my green musings.  Things like facts I learned (did you know the mint family has square stems?) or yummy recipes, tinctures and infusions I am trying.

Maybe a day with a photo writing prompt, could be fun?  And of course poetry, that may happen throughout the week as one can never tell when inspiration will strike 😉

One day will be going back to my facing my 40 fears… I have been very, very bad at sticking to it, so I am determined to see it through.  I am also toying with the idea of writing stuff for the Not So New Mommy; there are so many wonderful blogs for new moms or moms with wee ones, but not as many for moms with mixed ages of older kids. I have 3 beautiful children, one in elementary, one in middle school and one going into high school… Wow this coming school year will be a brand new challenge for our household.  What do you think about the Not So New Mommy blog topic?

I’m not sure what else I may come up with, this is all in the planning stages, and with 4 other writing projects going on my time seems to go so fast.

I’d love to hear ideas from all you beautiful souls that come and visit me.  I was also thinking it might be fun to start a guest blogger circle.  Where once a month we come together with a topic and write for one another’s blog…  If you might be interested let me know and let’s see what we can come with =)

Oh there are just so many ideas swimming around in my head!  Like I said when I started this blog, I was not sure why or where it would go but I believe that good things are dawning and I am so excited!  I hope all of you will trust in your heart and dreams and see where they lead! 

Happy Wednesday & Many Butterfly Blessing!