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Hello WP World,

Boy it seems like when I get a plan for blogging and writing life throws a curve ball… This is not always a bad thing but sure can keep things hopping over here at my place.    So what crazy things have been going on? Well, first my oldest graduated from middle school and is now officially a high school student.

Yay off to high school!

That’s my Jake and me his proud mom!

After all the end of school things for my three kids we were settling in for our summer break when the air conditioner broke… So home repairs had to be done.  With all the around the house things done I received the final copy of my children’s book Have You Seen Harry, back from the talented illustrator Brittany Constantino!

Book Cover!!!

How exciting!!! So now I am in the process of getting the book ready to hit the market.  A little nervous but it’s a good nervous!  I have also started my fist full length book!  I am pleased with how easily the story is flowing…it is a story dear to my heart.

I have two new projects in the works too… One is a photography and poetry book and the other a very special project on some pretty amazing heroes throughout history.  I can’t say much more than that but it is going to be a great project to be involved with!  My little blog will be going through some changes over the next few weeks. So I hope you’ll come back and visit me through it all.  I will be sneaking in a poem or two whenever I get the chance, but I need a wee bit of structure to help me stay focused so I will (I hope) be creating a special place with daily topics and musings!

I thought with summer my days would slow down and I could enjoy some lazy afternoons full of poetry, music and some me time… Oh well I wouldn’t trade these moments for anything, in fact, I cherish each and every whirlwind day.  I hope that you are cherishing the moments of your life as well…

Until next,

Butterfly Blessings!