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My Muse

By: Julie A. Eastin


Twirling midnight zephyr

Barefoot under full moon

My muse she resides within


Sweet voice of inspiration

Whispers to my soul…envisioning

Her laughter my song


A fool’s paradise

Night’s tide illusion

Words flow like a fountain


Her concept brilliance

Spoken starburst on white paper

Magic wisdom in dreams awake


Honor her, sweet apple at crossroads

Affirm the benefits of her spark

At month’s spire, delight in her


Woman and child

Both are she

Timeless she is ageless


Woven into destiny

Silver-tongue lullabies

Touch those who hear her song


Her gift she shares

Lyric poetry, constellation posy

A celestial symphony


My freedom her words

Immortality with stanza and verse

A marriage of heart and word…

My muse