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A Rope Swing

By: Julie A. Eastin

Dedicated to my children, Jacob, Kaleb and Evie

Through morns misty dew

Hurried steps upon earthen path

Hand in hand and song in heart

Children’s laughter fills the air

Morning birds dart and fly

All with watchful eye

Shh… now not a peep

Mr. Snail slowly creeps

Seeking shelter in long grass

To rest and meet with slumber sweet

Scamper run be on your way

A cotton tail bunny leaps

Back to burrow in meadow deep

Listen, listen do you hear?

The softly babbling brook

Follow it down the stream

The swimming hole in sunlight gleams

See it swinging to and fro

A rope swing beckons from an Oak

You be Tom Sawyer

I’ll be Huck Finn

A race to see who’s first in


Ripples cross the water dance

The goose shows much disdain

Honk and swiftly swims away

The children laugh splish and play

What joy!

Such bliss!

Nothing could ever be…

As magical as a rope swing