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Secrets in the Dark
By:  Julie A. Eastin

Taste these dark delights
Whisper… secrets in the dark
Take me places my soul has never known

Consume me with passion
Decadence …flesh on flesh
Display it publicly like a red light district show

No longer pure and white
Nightmare of black… the perfect dream
Dominate, penetrate me

Trepidation stirs within
Voices haunt me… Jezebel they say
Branded sinner, society gasps

I glance back just once
My past fading… my body screams
Take me further into decay

Ecstasy fills me
Break me… take me
I long to be yours, own me, seduce me

I struggle inside
How can bad be so right…feel it confiscate me
Tangled in strands of lust

My back arches
Sultry sounds echo…swirling toward midnights abyss
I feel my heart quiver, I have tasted too much

Black nightmares now my shroud
Leave me longing…thirsty for more
Secrets in the dark.