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Resolution was one of my very first flash fiction inspired by a photo prompt.  I had never thought about using visual prompts until I hit the dreaded writers block… UGH!  And for those of us who write we know writing, and writing some more is key to keeping the creative flood gates open.  I loved this little story and thought I’d pull it out and share it here, I hope you enjoy…



By Julie A. Eastin


The moon light shone through the window illuminating her.  The silvery strands of her white hair glistened in the pale light creating an illusion that she was made of moon beams. I loved to sit in the warmth of the small kitchen and watch her rock in the chair I made for her.  As gentle in spirit now as she was 5o years ago when I wed her.  She was the one thing in life this miserable man did right and she never found fault in me.  She deserved more than I ever gave and yet, she never complained.


My gaze drifted out the window toward the full moon that hung in the cold and bitter New Years Eve sky.  A flood of memories washed over me taking me to a time when I was a younger man.  Oh the nights I wasted filled with liquor, deceived by the demons of a young man.  She was my angel, my light that always guided me home.  How fitting that on this night she would be made of sparkling reflections of resplendent love.


We never had a child.  I know that was her shackle and chain, one made from each tear that fell deep in the night when she believed me drunk and sleeping.  Her prayers, whispers, swept away into the moonlight lifted to God.  But her womb never received an answer to those prayers… She never became angry with God, as for me, my bitterness riddles me like a cancer.


My eyes looked toward the clock, 5 till midnight and then the start of a New Year.  My thoughts still clouded by regrets of the past.  I hated the clock.  I wanted nothing more than for it to stop in that moment.  I dreaded that another year would pass. A new year to face was my shackle and chain created by every tear I shed.


The silence of the night was shattered by the chime of clock…it was midnight.  My lovely wife stood and gently smiled.  She raised her hand, reached toward me and then faded away, leaving me alone bathed in nothing more than moonlight. For me there would be no Happy New Year but rather another year without resolution.