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She Sleeps at the Bottom of the Sea

By: Julie A. Eastin


Sea mist a sailor’s dream moonlight illusion

Ebb and flow his heart beats rhythm of the tide

Sweet rapture ocean surge

Celestial swirl his soul soars


Mystical she appears on enchanted night’s horizon

Seek not the day, forever stay with me

She promises love, her hand to grasp

To the depths we’ll dance across the vasty deep


He longs to touch her pearl white skin

She beckons to him a vision of ecstasy

He tries to hold tight to hearth and home

The family he left behind


Seduction sweet her bewitching lullaby

She sings a song of lover’s bliss

A woman’s touch, soft velvet embrace

Closer he leans a reflection on water


Emerald eyes below the surfaces swell

A deception the moon’s glow on rolling waves

For none could have beauty such as this

All he loves forgotten, memories stolen by the sea’s nymph


To steal one salty kiss and taste her lips

Drink the aphrodisiac of the maiden from the deep

All that stops him the ship beneath his feet

Enraptured he longs to join her… Siren of the tide


Sun splash color burst days first light

A glistening tail saltwater spray

Her spell broke early morn resplendent

Trepidation takes hold his life spared


Alone she returns to salt waters deep

Decadent thoughts of a young sailor

Separated like night to day, sun to moon

He dreams on land… she sleeps at the bottom of the sea