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A World Without Magic

For the past few days I have been afk (away from keyboard) and for good reason my beautiful niece and her handsome boyfriend came to stay with us.  So it was a few days spent with my family and my full attention on them isn’t that what we should be doing more often?  It was during her visit that I realized how magical times shared with my children and my nieces are.  Their laughter and recalling of summers spent solving mysteries, slaying monsters, talking with fairy folk and laughing in the sunshine made me wish I could make the magic of their youth last a lifetime.

In the world today it seems our children have been plugged in to all the marvels that the world of technology can bring, but sadly the magic of nature and imagination are becoming the tradeoff for Gameboys, computers, etc. Too many parents no longer explore the bedroom closet that has magically become a darkened cavern home of the nastiest of trolls.  Or to sit and watch the fairies dance on summer nights, we no longer believe in far, far away or happily ever after…The magic gone.

I raised my children to fight evil ogres, to slay the dragons that threatened our kingdom and to believe in things which cannot be seen by our eyes alone, but with our hearts and mind.  Still today, even though they are growing older, when we go for walks in the woods they will point out gnome homes, they look for a troll under the bridge; they see magic in all of the nature.  To us these creatures of lore are real and we choose to believe.

In the springtime my children amaze me, wanting to learn about each little sprout we plant and the power it has, to heal or to make us sick. I love that on warm summer nights we lay on the dew covered grass gazing up at the heavens and talk about the mighty heroes the stars are named for.  And then with the swish of a wand autumn comes and the trees wow us with their magical display of color.  Even in the stillness of winter we know the earth’s magic is there slumbering beneath the frost.

I hope that as my children grow they will never lose sight of all that is magical in life.  For so many today life has become about store bought items, vacations in manmade environments, gadgets and gizmos.  I am not saying that these things, in moderation, are not good to have or to use.  But it is too easy for people to rely on these things to heavily, stealing them away from life and nature. I know of parents who have conversation with their children through text messaging and then are amazed when the child has a problem or gets in trouble, saying they never knew or seen this coming.

Parents are allowing things to steal the magic of family and their children from them.  Jobs and involvement in all the “right” kind of activities has stolen dinner time as a family, family walks, and good old fashion fun time together, no cords, no batteries, just sunshine and laughter.

I am glad I took a few days to unplug from my computer to spend with my family.  It makes my heart glad to know that my little girl still believes in Santa and tooth fairies, even though all her friends in her 4th grade class do not.  Some may say I am silly, that I am encouraging hope in things that are not there but for me I believe differently.  I am glad that my children see the unseen and trust their hearts, what a wonderful and beautiful kind of faith in all the magic of our universe.

I hope that when you go for a walk in the woods you will stop and take the time to see the magic that is all around…

May your day be filled with Butterfly Blessings!