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Enchanted Memories…

By: Julie A. Eastin


Moonbeams and star light

Dance and frolic

Twinkle and glow

Fairy kisses on your nose


Toads and crickets

Sing night’s song

Laughter like gum drops

So sweet fills the night


Hands clasped

Circle round en’round

Gnomes and elves

Join in the fairy ring


Believe in the unseen

Friendships promise

Magic all around

Wings like whispered wishes


Fly to the heavens

Childhood dreams

Ring around the Rosie

We all fall down


Giggles of delight

A dragon sigh

An embers glow

Warm our heart


Day draws near

Farewell for now

Tomorrow will bring

A new journey


You hear her coo

Sweet lullaby

A mother’s love

To guide you home


Sunshine on window pane

Moon dust drifts away

Enchanted memories or…

Childhood dreams and wishes