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By: J.A. Eastin

The suns sweet light streams into our room…early morning
My hand reaches for you but you are gone
Gently I pull your pillow to my embrace

Breathe in deeply, your scent still remains
I close my eyes and you are there

A moment of silent rapture to begin my day
I love how your presence lingers
Stirs my soul with your love

Breathe in deeply, drink in your essence
Fill me with part of you

A new day, love continues to grow
Hold tight to my thoughts of you
Waking dreams…lover’s bliss

Breathe deeply, lost in the moment
You cover me like a blanket

Slowly I push back pillows
Wanting to keep the day from starting just a minute more
Keep you from disappearing

Breathe deeply, just once more
I think about you…you never disappoint me
You are my lover, my best friend

Though the day has just begun I long for tonight
To lie wrapped in your arms…
And listen to you breathe.