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Today the world is less one creative mind… Maurice Sendak, Author of ‘Where The Wild Things Are’, has passed away.  A beloved book from my childhood and a book I shared with my children because of the simplicity and beauty in how it captured the emotions of Max and the love of his mom…

In fact this simple little book was the base for the movie by the same name that made me love the story, book and movie, even more.  It has been a source of reference for me, as a mom of two boys, on how their wild imaginations are.  Sendak captured the essence of raw childhood fears and anxiety in a lovely way, his books tools in my mothering tool belt.  I recently watched the movie and shared my thoughts on family bonds and used Max and his story as a comparison to “real’ life in Family, Where the Wild Things Grow…

I hope the Sendak’s new journey is one found with peace, one where he may,

sail back over a year

and in and out of weeks

and through a day

to Where the Wild Things Are…

Maurice Sendak, Author Of ‘Where The Wild Things Are,’ Dead At 83