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Immortal unto Death

By: Julie A. Eastin


Frozen in time, words speak with out sound

Angels weep for souls lost

Tears like raindrops fall evermore

A figure sculpted in pain in sorrow

A sweet reminder in time of morrow

Cherub’s wings stretched out to shelter

Immortal unto death

Life is shattered

Names without faces stand till eternity’s end

Forgotten places where few tread

Moon light dances ghostly silhouette 

A good shepherd’s watchful eye does keep

Youth to elder, elder to youth

The earth claims us all, no repose in this sleep

Immortal unto death

Life is shattered

Memories of life the cusp of goodbyes

Emptiness a promise on a last breath

Fate a mistress to all, destiny held by silvery threads

Immortal unto death

Life is shattered

Hallowed ground, to bring peace

Etch a name in stone deep

A sweet eulogy, a ballad of life

Now immortal unto death

Headstone monument of…

Life shattered