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Night’s Tide

By Julie A. Eastin


Thin silvery strand

One dew kissed web

My heart longs for more

Angelic stars dance

A midnight sky immortal love

My hand reaches

Darkness shuns my touch


Radiant sky smile

Gently your light grows

Whisper to my soul promises

A heavenly kaleidoscope

Nights witching hour blessed

My hand opens

Stardust glistens on my skin


Mother of Pearl

Round and supple shine

Breath of ecstasy lips part

Sweet taste of moon beams

Chasing night’s eternal minutes

My hand grasps

Silken strands capture me


Celestial tear drop

You wan from sight

Feelings bitter sweet flood me

Emotions like satellites orbit horizons

Time fleeting a comets tail

My hand holds

Moon dust reposing thoughts


My twilight eclipse

Where have you gone

Velvet darkness cloaks my reason

Nightfall secret hollow of my heart

Moments frozen astral transcendence

My hand empty

Another sacrifice of night’s tide