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Where do you stand with the 99%?  As for myself I have stayed perched on the fence watching both sides.  I am for freedom of speech, (what writer wouldn’t be); ideally in a perfect world we would all have equality… Sadly last time I checked mankind just wasn’t there.

Today I received an email with an alert that read:

This is a preparedness and safety alert for citizens in North America and across large cities (including Toronto, London, Sydney and more):

For May 1, the “99%” are planning nationwide disruptions, work stoppages, slow-downs and more in an attempt to shake up the status quo.


My predictions:

Best case scenario: Peaceful protests, very little impact. Only minor disruptions.

Worst case scenario: Escalation into violence, ignites a shooting war between protesters and the government.


What you can do:

* Be prepared for disruptions! If you can, STAY HOME and avoid being on the streets on May 1.

* If you must travel in a vehicle, carry extra food, water, fuel, flashlights, warm blanket, and whatever legal self defense items you feel comfortable having with you.

* If you have children or teens in the family, encourage them to stay home on May 1 and avoid getting caught up in possible riots or police response actions.

* If you stay home, beef up your home security and neighborhood watch efforts. Keep your cell phones fully charged. Keep flashlights handy. Lock your doors and keep an eye out for looters or home invasion crooks.

* If the local police are distracted by having to deal with marches, protests or riots, local thieves will use that opportunity to invade private homes while the police cannot respond!

WOW, this kind of spooked me!

May 1st for me has always represented a time when the days begin to grow longer, the earth more fertile and a time to for us to celebrate life.   So imagine my surprise when I learned the 99% would be on the march again on “International Workers’ Day,” one of the biggest bank holidays in the world, although not recognized in the U.S or Canada.  Is this good planning or what?

Again, I have not pledge myself to this side or that I can still hope that all involved act in peace and kindness.  I find it disturbing to see acts of violence (on both sides) cloud the message that each is saying.  How can things change when both sides have stuck their fingers in their ears and like school aging children are saying “Nah na nah na nah,” to one another?

What is equality for all, and whose perception of it would we all like to follow?  Is it the big companies and banking institutions who think they know what’s right for all?  Is it the 99%, who are angrily wielding the iPhones a taking over parks where we take our children to play?  Or could it be those who live peacefully in small tribes and villages still attuned to nature, living simply, without all the wonders technology brings humanity?

For me I think I shall stay perched on the fence while the 99% stream out to Occupy May 1st.  I guess I figure if all the humankind would simply Occupy Love then maybe the world would be a better place…

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