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She Is…

By: Julie A. Eastin


They say she should not be heard

She whispers prayers in the night

They say she should not work

She tends to home, crops, and children

They say she should not feel pleasure

She secretly dreams

They say she should not be respected

She is honored by her sisters

They say she is worthless

She believes life is priceless

They say she deserves to be battered and bruised

She has hope

They say she needs no education

She has learned much

They say she is not welcomed in their temple

She holds the Divine in her heart

They say she is a disgrace

She is sweet inspiration

They say she is a dog

She is beauty

They say she is a whore

She is purity

They say she is has no soul

She is caring and full of compassion

They say she is weak and less than men

She is strong and resilient

They say she does not belong

She has learned to endure

They will one day know

She is…

Our grandmothers, mothers,sisters, and daughters

She is the past, the present and the future

She is life in all its wonder

She is love…