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And Created Both Man and Women… But Only Man Gets A Soul…

Religions view of Women

This morning my heart is sad… I have had my share of issues and problems with the institution of religion.  To the point that I have walked away from it, now don’t get me wrong I am not talking about my spirituality or my faith in the Divine.  I am not here to sway anyone to my beliefs or knock anyone’s choice of belief.  Each of us have a path and a journey and our spiritual life is so unique and deeply personal for each individual that I believe there is no “one” belief that is right.  I am here to speak my heart and feeling on issue that cuts deeply for me as a woman. ..

A few days ago I read a letter from Fr. John Shea, O.S.A., Ph.D., M.S.W. to Catholic Archbishop O’Brien, asking for an explanation on why women are not being ordained into the priesthood in the Catholic Church.  To read the letter in its entirety please visit the fabulous blog Gems of Delight…Discovering the gems of everyday life.

I am not Catholic so I will refrain from delving too deeply into the actual religion and discuss what struck horror in my heart.  Statements like these left me speechless:

Ordination is “God’s gift to men.”

Is the theological reason why women cannot be ordained because they are “not fully in the likeness of Jesus”? As you know, for centuries the question in the church was whether or not women had souls, and if they did, were they equal to those of men.

How could a “church” a religion believe such things?  I thought of my daughter, her laughter, her tears, her kindness and all she is… she is a beautiful soul.  I chose not to blog on this a few days ago, it made me angry, it clouded my thoughts and I did not want to “offend” anyone.   Then last night reading some banter on Anne Rice’s Facebook page (I love her) I came across a link Anne shared. (Think she’d mind me calling her by her first name?) My heart was once again seized with horror; this could actually come from a horror movie…

Egypt plans ‘farewell intercourse law’ so husbands can have sex with DEAD wives up to six hours after their death.

To read the full article please visit this link:

For the life of me I cannot grasp this… I was stunned, shocked and appalled!  I read this to my husband (thank goodness he is a good man) and he looked at me and declared, “That is the most disgusting thing I have ever heard!”

Last night my dreams and thoughts could not stop visiting these two issues.  How can in today’s age this mistreatment toward women still exist… Then I remembered for most of us here in America we see the world through rose colored glasses… We are blind to many of the horrors that happen in the world every day.  So the question is, do we just continue not knowing, or is it our responsibility to educate ourselves and make a change?

I do not want my daughter to be viewed as a soulless creation whose husband can violate her body in death.  I do not want the world to tell her she is less than a man, that she cannot and does not deserve or have the same rights as her brothers.  I want my boys to grow to men who view women as their equals, different yes, but equally as important in creation.  I want the future wives of my two sons to have a soul mate who would never think her beneath them. I want my daughter to have someone who will always cherish the beauty of her womanhood.

Throughout history, and sadly still today, women have suffered much… Isn’t it time this ends?

I think if there were more Fr. John Shea’s standing up and asking for equality for women within the church, the world would notice.  Until then women around the global will suffer.  One voice at a time joining together we can sing a new song, a song that does not discriminate, a song of love for us all to share…

The Fictitious Church Landover shows a frightening view on women being created soulless:

Landover Baptist Church

(Landover Baptist Church is a parody site, however, their attempt at humor (?) or to shed light on any of the subjects on the site is, in my opinion, in poor taste. But it does show that this is not a Catholic Church issue, but goes much deeper into religion and mankind’s ability to distort truths.)

In fair defense for the other side of the coin, not all religions or churches believe this, but this is not about them it is about those that do.   This blog is to touch on my fear of religions view of women and to point out this is a global concern for all of humankind not just women.

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