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My Writing

I love mornings after a night of rain…Everything has been washed and the air smells fresh, like a new beginning.  I love new beginnings; I love that when something comes to an end it is always followed by a new start, a new journey to embark on.  This Blog is my new journey…

This morning after I woke, packed lunches, got kids off to school and then had breakfast outside with my pups.  I came in from my lovely time outside exploring the new buds on the black berry shrubs and tiny yellow flowers on the tomato plants to check my email and start my day of writing.  My inbox was filled with new comments, new followers and such lovely words about my writing I cried.  How blessed I am that there are those who are walking down this new path with… What a beautiful journey this is becoming.

So after I dried up my sniffles and my watery eyes I noticed yet another email that made me happy.  It was from the editor and publisher of Short Sips: Coffee House Flash Fiction Collection 2, the home of my very first fantasy/mythology short story A Mid-Summer Eve, was out on the market today!

I know it’s not a major literary piece, but it is my favorite that I have been blessed to have published.  I have to admit writing has been one of my biggest fears.  I only managed to make it through the 9th grade, although later I went back for my GED, it was my lack of an education that kept me from the one thing I love the most, writing.   I was not sure what to write about today, I got butterflies in my stomach, my little blog is being read, my short story has been released, and honestly I wanted to hide… What if I suck?!

I am queen of telling myself “I can’t” this is one of the main reasons I created Butterfly Julz, to learn to say “I can”.  My thoughts turned to the song Be Careful by Patty Griffin

Be careful how you bend me

Be careful where you send me

Careful how you end me

Be careful with me…

I need to be careful how I tend to myself, how I think of myself, I need to make sure that I am teaching my daughter to step boldly with self-love and confidence… If I let my fears of not being good enough dictate my actions my journey would end right now.  I must choose to believe that the Divine within and out has a plan and that I have nothing to fear.  I can trust the journey, I can learn from my mistakes, I can receive advice from beautiful souls who would share their wisdom and I can live free of fears.

I want to say again the biggest warmest heart-felt “THANK YOU” to all of you who take the time to visit here and are planting seeds of friendship, hope and love in my heart!

May your days be filled with Butterfly Blessings…