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A Petals Journey

By: Julie A. Eastin


Petals on the Wind

Dance in the sunlight

Colors swirl a mingling of wishes and dreams

Over meadows and fields of clover

The petal lands on dewy grass

An angel sigh

Petals take flight again

Soft forest moss

The woods below

Soar above treetops

Sweet scent of evergreens

The petals journey continues

A watchful hawk toward color flies

The petal gently floats right by

Carefree it twirls and glides

A sweet spring kiss for a bright blue sky

How I long for my flower back

The petals dream to be whole again

Like children’s laughter

A flower fades

And petals leave on springtime breeze

A whisper of how seasons pass

The petal in its glory knows

The cycle of life brings rebirth

And the petal softly lands

On summers ocean tide

Renewed with hope that nothing dies

New journey’s bloom in life’s garden

To bring petals on the wind once again…