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What an honor to have Serena from The Nomadic Angel Blog nominate me for the Liebster Blog Award.  If you have never visited Serena and seen the whimsy and beauty of her art and creativeness, you should!  It’s like stepping into a secret garden where fairies play!  So here’s to The Nomadic Angel for making me grin as big as the Cheshire cat!

I felt a little like the Mad Hatter as I ponder the word Liebster… so curious me I had to see what this award was… Liebster translates from German to English meaning “dearest.”  I love that, and Serena has to be one of the dearest bloggers I have come across!

Please visit her at The Nomadic Angel and let your imagination run away!

Now for my five nominations:

http://breakingtherubberband.wordpress.com/ for being honest and inspirational

http://mybotanicalgarden.wordpress.com/ for see the beauty in things

http://barefootbarn.wordpress.com/ for being a warm fuzzy place I escape to

http://findingorderincorpusa.wordpress.com/ for staying organized 😉

And last but not least

http://thewritingaficionado.wordpress.com/ for beautiful use of words

Butterfly Blessing to you all may you keep on inspiring and dreaming new dreams…