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Wishes and Dreams

Last night I sat outside in my backyard and gazed at the stars.  It took me back to when I was a wee girl and the twilight sky would turn from deep red, cotton candy pinks, velvet like violet and blues, my eyes would search the heavens above for the first twinkling star so I could sing:

Star light

Star bright

First star I see tonight

Let me have the wish I wish tonight…

As the last words escaped my lips I’d close my eyes, my face wrinkling, what determination and power behind my wish as it was sent from my mind to the star. So many sweet wishes from my youth… If only I had kept a wish journal to see if those magical moments ever happened.  I would assume not many of them did, as I grew older I grew bitter.  I was angry at how my family had ended, that was definitely an unanswered wish.  In my teen age years the magic of the stars and my childhood wishes were packed away deep in my heart, a painful reminder of things never to come, or at least so I thought.

So there I sat last night thinking of my packed up wishes, dreams never chased and it my thoughts drifted to people I know who complain of this very thing.  How things are too hard, they don’t have enough time, or they could never actually do, “insert dream here.”

Was I like this?  My heart sank… I don’t want to forfeit my wishes and dreams.  I don’t want to believe that wishes can’t or will never come true.  I decided it was a time for a wish inventory, I needed to pull them out under the starry sky, I need the power of the heavens to give me back my faith in dreams coming true.  So I looked at my life…

A husband that is deeply in love with me ~ check

Beautiful wonderful children ~ check

Breathing ~ check

Ability to pursue my dreams ~ check

Desire to chase falling stars and wishes too ~ check

Whew… I drew a deep breath; the only one who could stop me from chasing my dreams and wishes was me.  I don’t want to be the one who lied to myself and believed the lie that I could never have the things my heart truly desires… Didn’t I already have much of it?

This morning as I sit here my finger dancing across my keys I remembered a little piece of a meteorite my husband bought me last year while at the Space Museum in Hutchinson Kansas… He bought it for me because it had fallen in 2001 when our daughter was born.  As I stood there holding my very own piece of the heavens I asked my husband, “How many wishes do you think were made on this as it soared through the sky?” He just smiled and answered “A lot.”

What an amazing thought holding this small stone, did it know all the wishes and dreams that were cast away on it, as if it could make those dreams happen?  Or do we have it all wrong, aren’t we the ones that need to make our wishes and dreams come true and the stars are there to remind us to never give up.

Today I placed my falling star on my desk to remind me only I can follow my dreams and make my wishes come true…

Tonight the Lyrid meteor shower will be in its prime to view on the wonderful dark moon, I hope you will step out and remember all your childhood wishes.

Happy Star Gazing & Many Butterfly Blessings!