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Time For Me

This week I had a medical procedure and, silly me, I thought I could go full steam yesterday and not take time to heal.  By afternoon I was in pain, a lot of pain, and realized I had cheated myself by not allowing time for my body to heal.  I began to think how many other times I have not taken time for me?  Being a mother of 3, married and pretty active I can think of too many times I didn’t stop and pause, taking time for myself.

No wonder we get tired, so run down, and so over whelmed we just want to drop, cry or find a rock to hide under.  So… today I promised a very special and handsome man in my life I would slow things down and take some time to heal.  It has been such a blessing and I have enjoyed the time to reflect on my life.  It has allowed me to pause on my 40 day journey and really soak in why I am doing this… it’s all for me!

Taking things easy has done more than allow my body to heal it has allowed my soul to recharge… I think we could all use more days for ourselves, and that means we have to make time for it.  We have to stop feeling guilty for taking some much need rest time.  Time to do those things that we love, like working in the garden, or some other long forgotten hobby, maybe it’s just curling up with a good book.  Whatever it is, I hope you will take some time and let your body and soul recharge.

As for me, well I’m off to soak up some more sunshine and enjoy my children.

Until next time, butterfly blessings…