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Lost in You

By: J.A. Eastin

Fill the void within my life

Dry my tears…

Pull me up from the dirty floor.

Flood me with love

Wash my sins away…

Hold me close absorb my darkness.

Make me shine

You captivate me…

Lost in you.

Feel your heart

In rhythm with mine…

Moonlight whispers, sweet delights.

Draw me in

Taste my pain…

My soul screams your name.

Shattered I break

A thousand pieces…

I cut your hands, you love me anyway.

Empty no more

You complete me…

Lost in you.

I run to you

Take me in…

Hold me close, fears disappear.

My past it haunts me

Regret like wounds bleeds…

Bandage my soul, your faith heals.

Cover me

Your love converts me…

Lost in you.