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True to Myself

So here we are on day 5 of my journey facing my personal fears, what amazed me was that I could actually come up with 40 fears.  Now reflecting back on making my list I am positive I could have found 40 more fears or things I allow to hold me back… The big question is why do we allow things to keep us from becoming who we could be?

So today on this beautiful sun shining Saturday morning I will take a look at being true to myself.  To give myself the chance to grow outside the “flowerpot” I have put myself in. I have lied to myself, saying things like I can’t, or I’m not good enough…the saddest part is I believed it.  How many of us believe the negative outlook of ourselves?  I am sure far too many of us do.  I hope that today by looking at this I will have the courage to follow my heart and dreams, cutting the strings that have kept me tied down.

I could find 101 excuses for not being true to who I am, when I should believe in and trust in myself and those who love and encourage me.  Funny how we brush aside the words of encouragement from those who know us, who give us a hand up when we fall, or who dry the tears we shed when we feel like we cannot go on.  I am going to trust those dear ones from now on and not the cruel ideas or unrealistic views of a society driven by shallow materialism.  I am turning off the television reality show and living life in all its beauty, soaking up each moment as if it were my last

I am choosing not to focus on the “I can’t” and believing “I CAN!”  I will chase away self-doubt with self-confidence and boldly trust in myself.  I will not believe in words that tear me down but focus on the ones that build me up.  I will celebrate my victories and learn from my failures knowing they taught me a lesson but do not define me.  For no one is a failure or a loser, instead we are students learning to navigate the wild deep waters of life!

That is such a freeing thought!  To believe in yourself, to trust your heart and to take the steps toward your dreams, how fulfilling…I am not so foolish to believe there will never be hard times but maybe it’s knowing and trusting in those rough and rocky times that help us.  Seeing them as life’s teachers moving us one step closer to being who we were meant to become, if we gained everything without hardship would it be worth it?  Or would we like greedy children gobble it up only to become sick with a belly ache and blame the candy man for giving us too much sweetness.

I am not sure where my 40 day journey is headed.  I have no guarantee’s that I will conquer the fears I am facing but I know if feels good to take them out of the dark and put a spot light on them.  It is one step in my journey, my life’s path to what I am meant to become.  I am being true to myself now so my soul can soar through the cosmic heavens on its journey beyond this life.

I hope you soar too and may your days be filled with butterfly blessings…