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By: Julie A. Eastin


For so long I have run from you

I have hidden myself in the shadows

Now I long to feel the ocean mist on my skin

To hear wind whisper lullaby’s in the tree tops

I long to live and drink in the moonlight

To kiss the sunshine

Sweet rapture in the garden paradise


Sweet echo’s of happiness

Sides that ache but long to never stop hurting

Tears not of sorrow fall

Wash my sadness away

Hope restored a past forgotten

A new tomorrow filled with merriment

Joy never ending


No regrets

Pick myself up and shake off the dust

Never give up

Seek wisdom in the advice of good friends

Understand some things are beyond me

Always continue to try and reach the mountain top

Marvel at each sunrise


One that is true

A soul reborn

As endless as the stars of the heavens

Deeper than the blue oceans

Unspoken delight

When day embraces night entwined like lovers

Twilight’s passion of colors

How I long for such ecstasy

May my life be like a dance in the summer rain

May my laughter be as vibrant as the leaves of autumn

May I continue to learn even when life lies dormant through winter tides

May love blossom like spring time flowers and enrapture me…

Dance Seasons by Josephine Wall