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By: Julie A. Eastin

The suns last rays gently melt into the western horizon

Night falls and the earth talks in whispers

Serenity finds home in my thoughts as the days worries fade.

I gaze west longing to chase the ocean tide once more

Fireflies flicker my thoughts drift to another time

Youth was mine

So many precious moments slipped through my grasp.

My journey uncertain driven by choices from another life

Obligations bound together creating my chains

Summer’s soft breeze dances across my skin

I dream of places far away.

Desire for change swells within

My breath slow, my eyes shut

Like a mirage shimmering in the distance I see what my soul aches for

For one brief moment it is mine.

A coveted jewel

Nirvana, Heaven, my Summerland

Paradise lost, tossed to the side in my girlhood

What am I to gain from this moment?

Yesterday the springtide of my life

Youthfulness like a budding flower has passed

Now my petals yearn to bloom full

Spreading out before me the golden season of life.