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This morning I sit here in my home, now silent as the kids have scampered off to school, in amazement of what life and the universe can reveal to you when you just take the time to listen, when we just breathe in the spark of life that is a gift given to each of us every new day.  I made a big decision recently to stop looking over my shoulder, and to move forward with a giant leap into what is yet unseen.  This is a very scary thought and action for me.  I know that some may be disappointed in me, some may disapprove of my new direction, but for those who find inspiration, hope and beauty in their lives because of this journey, well then it will be well worth it.

The path is not clear yet but I know it holds great meaning, this I have great faith in.  I have lived 40 years basing my decisions on what I though others wanted me to do or what society demanded of me.  What I never took time for was me… What I didn’t realize was the beautiful divine feminine spark that was being smothered.  A fire of creativity, joy and laughter was being taken away and I was the one allowing this to happen.  I was a flower waiting to bloom into a garden but I was too afraid to leave my flower-pot for fear of being labeled a “Wild Flower”.

Funny how just the thought of what others “might” think of us can keep us from following our dreams, but why?  Negative thinking and fear can be powerful deterrents in our life, keeping us from truly embracing who we were created to become.  It makes us question the unknown when a big fact of life is every day is unknown. And it is that very fact that made me embrace this quote from the Lorax’s wonderful complex character The Once-ler: “It’s not about what it is. It’s about what it can become.”

What if that was our mantra?  What if we learned to trust our instinct? What would happen if we took that very important step of faith and risked it?  What lives would we touch?  What difference would we make as women, mothers, daughters, and sisters if we climbed out of our flower pots and painted the life’s landscape with the color and beauty of “Wild Flowers”!

I want to take a moment to give a shout out to some beautiful Wild Flowers that have inspired me recently in my life.  I follow their blogs and it has brought so much insight to me; so to all the ladies who share their amazing thoughts and knowledge with us at Wilde Tribe 2012 and  Chrysalis Woman thank you for fanning the spark and creating a fire within my soul!