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By: J.A. Eastin

Where does magic come from

Is it in the mind


Does it come from someplace beyond

Deep within our soul

Stirred by the wind

Glowing with the full moon

Dancing upon the water’s surface

Is it nothing more than hopes and dreams


Is it the reality we choose to create

Each word whispered made real

Weaved into our life

Our destiny illuminated by a falling star

 Is it nothing more than pure happenstance

It could be so much more


We choose to believe

Let our heart be our guide

Laugh much and love often

Gaze at the heavens timeless, infinity

Star dust shower life’s promise

To be yours


You choose to see the beauty

Trust not your eyes

Let dreams guide you

Electric sparks of being

One with the universe a moments sigh

When magic becomes real


Life becomes the illusion…


Lodi, Lorikeets and Ice Cream!


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Hello Blog World!

I have missed being here sharing my thoughts and musings… Life has been quite the roller coaster for me lately.  If you have been journeying with me you will know that I was off for a cat scan about a week age, well it lead to more tests… UGH!  This coming week I will be off for an ultrasound and MRI… I will be happy when I have answers and not more tests!  But like a little tree I will bend and not let this storm break me!

My past week has been a whirlwind; my two beautiful nieces have come to stay with us for the next few weeks.  The energy in the house is full of young teen chaos, lol, can you imagine having a 10, 11, 13, 14, and a 15 year old rocking the house!   It has been such fun and tiring all at the same time… If only I could bottle their energy and creativeness, Wowzers how cool would that be?!

Today we took them out for some wonderful Mexican food at Taqueria El Grullense 2, one of our favorite little restaurants in town.  If you are ever in Lodi CA and want friendly service and the best Mexican food make sure to check them out… It’s the best authentic Mexican food in town!  After the troop was well fed it was time to go and do something fun with the kiddos so off to Micke Grove Park for an afternoon of sun and fun.

The park was bustling with families enjoying the beautiful summer afternoon and antique car show that was going on.  We asked the kiddos if they wanted to go to the car show or the zoo…

Can you guess what they picked?

Yup the zoo!  So off we went to see all the wonderful creatures at the little zoo.

The zoo is a little treasure tucked away at Micke Grove Park.  The cost for children 3- 18 is $2.00 and adults only $4 so it is a wonderful affordable place for a family on a budget to go and have a great adventure.  We took our time looking at all the animal exhibits and had a blast feeding the Lorikeets!  After we had wandered through the entire zoo we decided to stop at the gift shop before heading off to get ice cream and cold drinks with the kids.

This is where our wonderful day ran into a snag, and gave me concern for children who may visit the gift shop.  My husband and I were present the entire time we were in the gift shop and were surprised when Linda (a gift shop employee) ripped a stuffed animal out of the hands of our 11 year old and yelled in her face to not  do that… We were confused as to what that was; all she was doing was unhooking the Velcro tabs that connect the hands so you can hang the toy around your neck.  It was one of those puppet Lemur things, very cute and cuddly and hanging where children can play with them and NO sign posted not to touch. My experience gets worse!  I was upset when this happened and while I was explaining to my husband the woman approached me and lied to my face saying she never touched her… Okay in all fairness her hands grabbed the toy and ripped it off the child’s neck.

Oh man Mama Bear came out, how dare this woman, who choose to come work in an environment with children, act this way and then lie.   Then to make it worse I was told by my 13 year old that she had done the same thing to him while I was down the aisle a bit with the younger two.  I was upset and frustrated, as any mother would be when their child had been wronged, even violated, by some woman who went out of her way to treat customers and their children poorly.

After the whole thing she had upset me to the point we decided to take our money elsewhere here in the wonderful city of Lodi.  I tried to call the offices but they are closed until Monday, at which time I will be calling and filing a complaint.  It saddens me that her actions were so bad and her people skills horrible, to say the least.  What was even more shocking was while we were leaving past the ticket booth, the employees inside asked, “What one did it this time?”  I guess this type of treatment must be common place there at the gift shop, so parents beware.

Well here we are at home relaxing for a bit then we will be off to grab ice cream at Foster’s one of our favorite local ice cream places!  I love old school soft serve and it is one of the few places that still have it!  Even chocolate dipped if you are in need of a little extra love…

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend and as always, Butterfly Blessings to you all!

Time for healing and Harry?


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Hello Beautiful Blog World!

I have not been here as much as I would have liked this week.  Thank you for coming and visiting and taking a peek at the few posts I managed this.  I apologize I think I posted the un-edited version of Forgiveness; I have been having a somewhat trying week.

If you have been journeying with me for a while you may have seen me mention I was dealing with health issues. I have never said what the health issues are because; well… we are still trying to find out.  I have always been a healthy person and I try not to complain, but today I need to vent.  So about 8 months ago I started having pain in my right side, the entire flank area, I felt like my kidneys were very angry with me…


I ignored my own body telling me it was in need some healing.  I tend to think I have to be super mom and wife and put myself on the back burner, a lesson I have now come to learn is not good in a painful way.  It has caused more damage to my emotional and physical self then should have ever had to happen… So my advice is, if your body is telling you “Hey I need some healing!” LISTEN!  I promise in the long run you will be glad you did.

Okay, so I have gone through blood tests, colonoscopy (oh what an adventure that was), pee test, pooh tests, more tests and still nothing… I think maybe they think me crazy, or maybe not because today I am off to get pumped full of dye and have a cat scan on my kidneys… Gee the very thing I told my doc I felt needed love and care…Ugh!

So… on the upside I am hoping for kidney stone, lol, so we can move forward to feeling whole and healthy once again.

Oh how can I not mention this!  If you have not noticed I have a new page (link located on top of page) called Harry’s HangOut… This is a lovely little corner for my loveable Harry from my children’s book Have You Seen Harry?  I am in the process of copy-write and brainstorming the launch of this dear and precious book.  I wrote it for my daughter when we had to pack and move from all she knew and love.  It has been a long journey to see it come to life and I am so grateful for Brittany Constantino, the brilliant illustrator who helped bring it to life… Harry is a shining visual star thanks to her!

Welcome To Harry’s Hangout!

Well sweet souls it is time for me to get up and going so I can go have my cat scan… I hope you have an amazing Friday and a beautiful weekend full of blissful moments.  Next week I am going to try my hardest to be back to my blogging, poet, and day dreaming self!

As always may your life be filled with Butterfly Blessing…

A Thousand Years


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A Thousand Years

By: Julie A. Eastin~


I have loved you for a thousand years

A millennium dance souls entwined

Star burst in twilight’s celestial sphere

Two becoming one day to night

Moon to Stars heaven’s kiss

Sweet morning dew glisten covers skin

Lunar fragments night’s gift ecstasy forbidden

Timeless it stretches indigo horizons

Rapture’s harmony untouched by man

Sweet as lush fruits temptation and desire

Water touches sun a golden pool

The night’s pearl full a sacred ring

A lover’s promise whispered passionately

Gentle touch dawn mingled with sun’s first rays

Night’s tide flows shrouded in mist drifts away

Mysteries spoken in hushed voices

Longing to know our desire

I am your moon

You are my sun

I have loved you for a thousand years


I shall love you for a thousand more

Remembering Madam Butterfly


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Every year on two occasions I write a poem for my best friend Frankie.  Her life was far too short, but she managed to forever change me.  In the online world she was known as madam_butrfli…Her beauty as timeless as a butterfly.  I hope you enjoy her birthday poem.  This one is dedicated to her children Frank, Katie, Shawn, and Gracie.  There is not a day that goes by that you are all not in my heart and mind.  I wish I had been stronger then so I could have been strong for you.

~ All my Love Frankie Rosella Schug ~ June 15, 1971 – August 23, 2003 ~

Remembering Madam Butterfly

By: Julie A. Eastin


Memories spin a cosmic symphony

Echo’s stir my heart beat slows

Your laughter afloat in sapphire blue skies

Rainbow kissed, sweet morning dew

Remembering Madam Butterfly


Stardust explosion vibrant moments

A summer breeze a gentle touch

Your smile dazzling twilight’s song

A falling star, radiant midnights jewel

Remembering Madam Butterfly


Heavenly chasm the universe fractures

Skies weep wash me new

Your wisdom resounding life’s lessons

Atoms penetrate, part of everything

Remembering Madam Butterfly


Ocean of emptiness a tempest swells

I drift in your infinite expanse

Your life entwined with mine

My songs soul, my best friend

Remembering Madam Butterfly


Written by Frankie July of 2003

Who Will Be There…

Who will be there to hold your hand?

To lift you from your knee’s?

To kiss the tears from dusted cheeks,

Who will be there?



Who will help you in your search

And listen to your pleas?

Who will never leave your side?

Who will be there?



Who will be there in the dark?

And in your time of need?

Who will be there when you’re lost?

Who will be there?



Who will be there in your heart?

To be there when you grieve?

Who will be there?



Who will be there till the end?

Not just in memories?

I will be here waiting,

I am still here.





Magic in Memories…


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Death of a Loved One

This blog on my fear of losing a loved one does not come on happenstance.  This week is always a bit melancholy for me; this would have been my best friend Frankie’s 41st birthday.  Yup, June 15, 1971was one special day, when one beautiful soul graced the earth, she had a heart of gold, a smile that sparkled like the stars and a laugh that filled your heart.  The road has been difficult for me after she left this life to go on to whatever lies beyond, but I have gained so much through this journey.

So each year I write a poem for Frankie on her birthday, and today the day before I thought I’d share a bit about learning to go on without letting go.  For me I thought if I moved on it meant letting go, I was so wrong.  Moving on is not letting go, maybe it’s letting go of the pain but it is not letting go of the precious person we long to have in our life here on earth.  It took me so long to come to terms with this, so many times I wonder what beautiful things I missed out because I couldn’t move on.

Frankie passed away on August 23, 2003, it has been 9 years and most of them lived looking over my shoulder.  I was afraid to move on, afraid to love fully, afraid to let my heart fill that deep sorrow ever again.  What I didn’t realize was this wall I was building was keeping me from my family, keeping me from new friendships; it was keeping me from life.  I could have simply crawled into a cave and dissolved into the darkness.

I am not sure if I can put my finger on the “one” thing that kicked me in the butt and let the healing start, but it started.  I woke up one day and I heard Frankie’s laughter in my heart.   I began to remember all the goofy and silly times.  I even remembered the hard times and with a new reverence held them like precious jewels in my heart.  It was those hard times that taught me so much, how to be strong when facing difficult times.  You see, I sat right next to Frankie when the doctor told her she would live maybe one more year.  I cried with her, I listened to her, I leaned on her for strength, and she was strong, strong enough for both of us in the next few months that followed.

Maybe that was the reason her leaving was tough, she was the strong one, how could she have left me… I needed her.

Funny how we see things through the, me, my, mine view, always worried about what might hurt us.  What I didn’t’ realize for years was that she is here, in my heart, my memories, in the universe that surrounds me.  Her strength never left me, it wrapped itself around me and with every tear that fell she was there.  You see we never truly lose those we love, we are separated in time.  They have simply moved on to a place and time we have not reached in our journey yet.

Now with each new challenge in my life I don’t feel so alone.  I find peace and comfort that my best friend is here with me and all those who love her.  She whispers encouragement on the breeze, she weeps with each rain drop, her laughter is a falling star, and she is the comfort and beauty of each sunset.

I have lost a few people I love dearly over the past few years and though I mourn for time, I now try to celebrate their life.  For it is in celebrating those we love that they truly live on, in our hearts and our mind…

I hope for those of you who have lost a loved one, you find comfort and peace.  Life’s journey is never easy, but it is through those hardships we gain so much, there is magic in memories and love that heals…

Much Love and Butterfly Blessing…

A scene from Practical Magic… Mine and Frankie’s favorite girlie movie.

Seat of the Soul


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Seat of the Soul

By: Julie A. Eastin


Celestial chakra energies flow

Fluid a mingling of spirit and stars

Illuminated songs breathe of existence

Paradise… seat of the soul


Dreams of molecule division

Radiant white light splendor

A dance of galaxies twirling eternally

Eden… seat of the soul


Collision sparks of being

Threads of life connecting all

Heavenly constellation eternities origin

 Nirvana… seat of the soul


Birth of all life Gaia’s blessing

Awakening bliss burst of azure

Sweet rapture pours from the vault of heaven

Utopia… seat of the soul






Creative Women…


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I want to take some time to mention two beautiful and creative women who have graced my life and my writing journey!  I hope you will take some time to visit their sites and enjoy their work!

Brittany Constantino ~ A Graphic Designer Who Goes Bananas (in a good way)

An apperance of the infamous banana. This snowboard demonstrates a new kind of Ride. Awarded a silver Addy award 2010

Brittany Constantino is a freelance graphic designer extraordinaire!  She is the brilliant illustrator of my children’s book, Have You Seen Harry?  Her personal touch, keen eye and love of whimsical things are just a few ingredients that make her work visually stunning.   She has a love for her work and passion to create wonderful things with her client.   She listens to you, your ideas and then weaves her magic to create a wonderful project!

I cannot recommend her enough and I look forward to working on another project with her sometime in the future.  So if you are looking for an artist who truly cares about those she creates for please check her out! From wedding invites, save the dates, logos, birth announcements, graduation announcements, illustrations, book design, and pretty much anything you can think of that needs to be designed, Brittany makes your project easy, fun and exactly what you want!

Feel free to email Brittany @ to see her current portfolio and recent projects!

Arlene Davis ~ Picture It Photography

Arlene Davis ~ Picture It Photography

This woman truly see’s the world and all its beauty.  Her photographic eye catches those breathing taking moments, the beauty of nature and the human spirit.  Her stunning landscape and nature photographs take the soul on a visually stunning journey.  When Arlene is snapping photos of the kids, special moments, weddings, you name it, she captures the people and the emotion of the moment… Truly an amazing photographer!

I look forward to working with her in an up-coming project, Life’s Seasons, a book of photography and poetry.  If you live in north central Michigan and need a fantastic photographer make sure to contact Arlene.  She also sells her landscape and nature photography so make sure to check out her work!

The Start of One Lovely Week ~ Bella Bleue Style


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Showing some love:

It’s always to a delight to start your week off when you have been thought of as a lovely blog.   A heartfelt thank you goes out to Erin the inspiring creatress of Bella Bleue Healing, Health & Inspiration for Your Life.  Her blog is like a soft fuzzy throw blanket for your soul so my nomination is an honor coming from this beautiful person… If you haven’t visited her you really should!

The “One Lovely Blog Award” must be shared, it’s a pay it forward award, I love that.  Here’s how it works:

  1. Give generous thanks to the blogger that nominated you and make sure to visit their blog and give them a little love 😉
  2. Write some things about yourself (see questions below)
  3. Make a list of 15 bloggers you admire and let them know how awesome they are! These folks are the next round of honorees for the “One Lovely Blog Award”.  Make sure you let them know so they can pay it forward too!

Oh Me, Oh My!

The Questions:

  1. What is your favorite color? Orange, it makes me smile
  2. What is your favorite animal? My miniature schnauzer owns my heart, she is the bestest fur baby ever!
  3. What is your favorite non-alcoholic drink? Cherry Cola, old school style from a soda shop, not the high fructose corn syrup stuff (yuck), real old time cola!
  4. Do you prefer Facebook or Twitter? Facebook, I can visit friends and family that are far from me and share bunches with them.
  5. What is your favorite pattern? Is tie dye a pattern?  Anyhoo I love it!
  6. Do you prefer giving or getting presents? Giving I love to see people smile and feel loved!
  7. What is your favorite number? Lucky 13!
  8. What is your favorite flower? My favorite flower is the Daisy, she is simple and beautiful!
  9. What is your favorite day of the week?  I love Sunday’s it’s family time!

10. What’s your passion? Life… I want every day, every minute and every emotion to reflect my passion for life, how can you narrow it down to just one thing? =)

15 Blogs that inspire me in lovely ways:

  2. Little Furrow 
  3. Stopping the Wind  
  4. Chester Maynes 
  5. Coco J. Ginger Says  
  6. Merlinspielen  
  7. An Authors Life  
  8. Lily Wight 
  9. Jill of All Trades…Expert of None!  
  10. The Writing Aficionado  
  11. The Nomadic Angel 
  12. Aarthi 
  13. lotuslozer  
  14. Bird  
  15.  The Journey 
Thank You again Erin for thinking of me… And to all of you who have made this blogging journey so precious thank you and Butterfly Blessings!